If you live in Loveland, Fort Collins, or really, most parts of Northern Colorado, there’s one place to go for your HVAC needs. Though it’s already June (where has this year gone?!), we’ve only had a couple weeks’ worth of really warm weather so far, and it still hasn’t gotten to that “scorching,” over 100 degrees F kind of heat quite yet. Usually that comes in July, so we have that to look forward to!

We don’t mean to complain, not by any means. Like most everyone who lives along the Northern Colorado Front Range, we count ourselves lucky to live in this beautiful state of Colorado, no matter what time of the year it is. The summers are sprinkled almost daily with scattered thunderstorms each evening. the fall is a sight to behold in September and October if you can make it up to the mountains to witness the aspen trees change colors while the pine trees remain constant. Winters bring snowball fights, world-class skiing, the need for hot chocolate, and even the odd snow day! Spring, our personal favorite, is a wondrous time in its own right, seeing mother nature wake up to greet us with cool and breezy weather.

A Climate Of Extremes

For all of the benefits of living here, there is still something to be said about the polarity of weather that we seem to get. No matter what season it is, the odds are high that you won’t go much longer than a few days without seeing the sun. What’s more, there’s a good chance that any snow that is left over will probably melt in a matter of hours when that Colorado sunshine meets the earth. Irrespective of the season, you can find yourself sweating in your own home sometimes!

On the other hand, winters can get pretty dang cold. As in, subzero temperature kind of cold. It doesn’t happen every year, but when the wind combines with the winter frost, it’s tough to stay outside for longer than a minute or so, even when you get bundled up! If you don’t have a proper heating and cooling system, or HVAC system as the kids are calling it these days, you’ll be shivering all through the night!

Where We Come In

Some climates don’t require each house to have an air conditioning unit and a heater, and some do. We are of the latter category here in Colorado, and so, we arrive at our point; folks in Loveland and Fort Collins need to be comfortable, just like people everywhere do. You can try to get through a summer without calling up your local AC install specialists to affordably solve the problem, but you’ll need a few house fans, a lot of ice water, and a top-quality rain dance to make sure it doesn’t get too hot.

We at Bears Family Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling are here with affordable HVAC services, providing our customers with reliable AC units so that whoever resides in the home or place of business can safely stay cool. If something goes wrong with your HVAC unit (whether we have installed it or otherwise), we are here for AC repair as soon as we can be. Our technicians help you minimize the risk of HVAC related issues when we perform our HVAC repair by going above and beyond expectations, closely examining evidence of future issues that might crop up.

Why Choose Bears Family PHC

Our HVAC service involves both installation and repair, as we have stated above. But many places want to show up when you search “HVAC service near me” so that they can earn your business. But what sets us at Bears Family Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling apart from the competition? Excellent question! Allow us to explain in greater detail.

It’s all about experience. With over fifteen years of experience in Loveland and beyond, we provide local HVAC service that you can count on. Sure, everyone can claim that, but you want to go with the guys who aren’t in their “first rodeo” when presented with the unique challenges that your home or commercial property might be facing.

Experience hasn’t made us any less passionate about what we do. From the beginning, we’ve had a sense of urgency about our business, because we understand that when people need Loveland HVAC repair or a local plumber to drop by, they need them much sooner rather than later! Give us a call and put our timeliness to the test. Our experienced technicians will be there as soon as they can, whether you need your heater repaired or a brand new air conditioning unit installation performed. All maintenance service we provide is backed 100 percent, offering our customers a 9-day guarantee on our service repairs!

With over a decade and a half’s worth of experience under our belt, we are proud to offer HVAC services in these areas:

  • Air filtration
  • Air handlers
  • Chillers—water and air cooled
  • Condenser water pumps and chilled water
  • Condensing units
  • Controls—digital automation, pneumatic
  • Evaporative coolers and cooling towers
  • Fans
  • Humidification
  • Motors and motor starters
  • Refrigerant monitoring
  • Unitary HVAC units (gas-fired, electric)

Whether you are looking for residential HVAC service, furnace installation or maintenance, AC repair, or even remodeling contract work for a future installation, we’ve got you covered at Bears Family PHC of Loveland with affordable rates and reliable work.

Give Us A Call Today!

Loveland plumbers who are also expert HVAC specialists don’t grow on trees. We’ll be out to your place within 24 hours of your call in most every circumstance. With a 90-day guarantee on all work, we are passionate about how well we help our customers. In fact, that’s how we’ve stayed in business for so long, turning first-time customers into long-time clients.

We hope you enjoyed today’s post, as we certainly enjoyed writing it. Speaking of enjoyment, we can’t help but reiterate that Loveland, Fort Collins, and even Denver are pretty special places to live. It’s easy to forget that sometimes, especially when you are suffering through the sweltering heat because your AC unit decided it was going to break. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment.