Bears Family PHC (that’s Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling to the uninitiated), offers Loveland, Fort Collins, and Denver residents the chance to hire an affordable, experienced plumber. As is the case with many professions, experience begets knowledge, and the plumbing industry is no exception as far as we are concerned. That’s why today’s post concerns answering those frequently asked questions that people often have when faced with an unfamiliar problem.

In today’s post, we’ll do our best to put our plumbing wisdom to good use, going beyond the surface-level answers in order to let you know if the fix is “DIY-able” or not. So if you are interested in gleaning some knowledge about plumbing from one of the top local plumbing companies in Loveland, this post is for you! We hope you enjoy this post filled with slightly random questions and their subsequent answers — there is a lot to cover in the world of plumbing!

Q: “I have a leak in the hot water pipe that leads to my kitchen sink. Can I make a light repair in order to stop the leak?”

A: Yes, you can temporarily stop most leaks like this by enacting a simple technique. Just snap off the point of a pencil and stick it in the pipe hole. Then, wrap the pipe with two or three layers of plastic electrician’s tape. If you run a strictly pencil-free home, for whatever reason, you can also use a piece of rubber as a replacement. If, however, you realize this leak is more major than you anticipated, it’s best to shut off your water and replace the pipe. Depending on your experience level, this might be a job for your trusty local plumbers at Bears Family PHC!

Q: “What Can I Do About Low Water Pressure?”

A: An all-too-common occurrence, a home with low water pressure is no home at all. But what causes it? It can be difficult to pin down, especially without taking a look at a particular home. But some frequent culprits include clogged pipes, crimped water lines, water meter allocation problems, or maybe even a shut-off valve that isn’t working the right way. While we certainly have a horse in the race, our recommendation is to call your local plumber and have them take a look at what might be causing the issue. No matter who you call, make sure you understand the cost of both diagnosing and fixing the issue, so you don’t end up getting burned (assuming you don’t choose Bears Family PHC, because in the burning business, we are not).

Q: “My garbage disposal isn’t running. What can I do about it?”

A: The first thing you should do is make sure that the garbage disposal’s plug simply didn’t get unplugged. It might sound silly, but before you call a plumber for a charged service call, it’s best to leave no turnable stone unturned — and this is a stone that would certainly be qualified as turnable. More to the point, don’t go buy a new garbage disposal right away. You should turn your disposal off, first, and then check to see if something is jamming the contraption from working. It might be a small utensil or some other hard object that doesn’t belong down there. If that’s not it, plug it back in and hit the RESET button. If that doesn’t work, check your breaker box to see if a breaker needs to be flipped. If none of those do the trick, give Bears Family Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling a call!

Q: “What should I put in my garbage disposal?”

A:  The first rule about garbage disposals is that they have been improperly named. We think “food scrap disposal” is more accurate, but perhaps it doesn’t roll off the tongue in the same way. The point is that you certainly should not put any sort of actual trash (like wrappers, plastic, or paper of any kind) down there. This kind of material will not be cut by the blades and will cause a blockage in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Obviously, food scraps can go down there, save for extremely fibrous foods. Other items to avoid include grease, oils, and sticky stuff. Things it’s fine to put down there include non-grease liquids, dish soap, ice cubes, and foods that are generally soft.

Q: “I think I have a leak in my home, but I don’t know where. How can I check?”

A: This is a commonly asked question, and luckily, there is an easy way to get a “Yes or No” answer to it! All you have to do is go out to your home’s water meter. Take a look at the level and write it down. Then, make sure that no one in your home uses any water for a couple of hours. Go back and check the water meter’s reading one more time. If the level has changed at all, it’s likely that you have a leak. That’s when the professionals need to get involved, so give us a call!

PRO tip: Perform this experiment at night if you don’t want to disturb anyone who wants to use water for a few hours. This is a good solution, unless, of course, someone in your family has the habit of using the bathroom in the middle of the night — that would ruin the test!

Q: What Shouldn’t I Flush Down The Toilet?”

Aside from biological human waste, there isn’t much else that belongs in your toilet. If we need to be more specific about it, however, we can be. Things to avoid include hair, food, cat litter, small toys, big toys, floss, cotton balls, Q-tips, diapers, sanitary products, facial tissue, paper towel, napkins, or baby wipes. These products aren’t made of a material that breaks down easily, and as such they will clog your toilet or, worse yet, significantly damage your septic system.

Why Choose Bears Family PHC?

If you are in the market for a Loveland plumber worth their salt, we recommend giving Bears Family PHC a serious look. We do our very best to be punctual, affordable, and diligent in our work. The fact of the matter is not all plumbers are created equal, with some being more experienced than others just like some care more about the quality of work they perform than other local plumbers. So whether you are in need of a bathroom renovation, a new water heater installation, a garbage disposal repair, or you are simply wondering if you have a leaky pipe, we’ve got you covered.

We hope you enjoyed our FAQ blog. But remember, when in doubt, call Bears Family PHC!