Despite the fact that we have been shown some love on the “National Day Calendar” with National Hug a Plumber Day being annually celebrated on April 25th, we are still firmly in the camp that believes we, as a society, have gone overboard when it comes to the “National X Day” phenomenon. While finding a local “plumber near me” will never be considered superfluous, whoever is deciding what day is which national day needs a detailed performance review administered by their superior, at once.

It’s getting out of hand. In January alone you have National Blonde Brownie Day, Bubble Bath Day, and Bean Day. February sees Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day, National Gum Drop Day, and National Tortilla Chip Day all observed, with March not to be outdone by boasting (not kidding) If Pets Had Thumbs Day, National Frozen Food Day, and Something on a Stick Day.

These are just the first three months of the year, mind you.

Other notables (we aren’t going to call them “highlights” as a matter of principle) include some listed below, for your pleasure:

  • You’re Welcome Day
  • Absurdity Day (this one does pique our interest, we’ll admit)
  • Sandwich Day
  • World Egg Day
  • National Mole Day
  • Ask A Stupid Question Day (this is the day, no doubt, someone asked, “should we have way too many pointless national days?” And the answer was a resounding, “YES,” we have to surmise)
  • Be Late for Something Day
  • Race Your Mouse Day
  • Wiggle Your Toes Day
  • World Sauntering Day
  • Sewing Machine Day
  • Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • Richter Scale Day
  • Blah, Blah, Blah Day

That’s probably enough for today’s post, isn’t it? To be fair, there are more than a few days worth celebrating. National Siblings Day serves as an excuse to get in touch with siblings you otherwise might not have a reason to do so, and Visit Your Relatives Day holds a similar utility. Forgiveness Day, Smile Power Day, Friendship Day, and World Kindness Day are tough to argue against, so we’ll have to take the good with the bad here at Bears Family Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Speaking of one of Loveland and Fort Collins’ top local plumbers, we at Bears Family PHC want to take today’s post and share with our readers some interesting, hilarious, and downright horrific plumbing stories. And before you ask, no, we weren’t (un)fortunate enough to have been involved in these stories, but as long-standing plumbers in Northern Colorado, we can appreciate these anecdotes for what they are. Doing so from afar is typically much more pleasant than being a participant in these…incidents…shall we say.

That being said, read on if you are interested in learning about some of the most strange and fascinating plumbing events to have been documented!

A Green Plumber

When we say “green,” unfortunately, we aren’t referring to an environmentally-friendly plumber — we mean someone who lacks the experience of a local, Loveland plumber you will find at Bears Family PHC (not to toot our own horn, or anything).

Anyway, the story goes that when an undisclosed resident of a condo flushed the toilet to find sewage come up from the tub train, in her panic she called the first plumber listing she could. To her eventual chagrin, the plumber she called happened to be unlicensed, in addition to being inexperienced (though the two tend to go hand-in-hand). The green plumber removed the toilet from the floor, which naturally caused sewage to flood the bathroom and pervade the entire house. To no avail, the plumber tried to clean up the scene with a shop vac. The plumber gave up and slunked back from whence he came, ready to prey on the next innocent victim who hastily calls his services in a panic.

The resident was forced to find a new plumber, in addition to a restoration company. The moral of the story is to make sure you find a licensed plumber near you. Experience and pricing certainly help as well, but we believe the old adage “buy it nice, or buy it twice” rings true if the “it” is high-quality plumbing service.

When The DIY Project Goes Wrong

Here’s another anecdote related to plumbing mishaps. One DIYer who will also remain unnamed decided to remodel a half-bathroom downstairs. The people he had talked to said it would be an easy job, removing an old toilet and installing a new one. After the toilet was removed, our hero decided to clean the floor around the floorspace where the toilet once was. He was unable to remove the rust, which bothered him (a feeling we can relate to), so he decided to get his handy hammer and screwdriver to start seriously scraping the rust off. The DIYer was too vigorous with his scraping, however, and started to notice the pipe found just under the floor becoming loose. Of course, he stopped scrubbing and called a professional, which is a good idea, but the damage was already done; the DIYer had removed the flange (a protective rim). The handyman charged $200 for the toilet installation and pedestal. Unfortunately, the DIYer needed to call a plumber to fix the flange. The fix cost $400. Not too fun.

More DIY Blues

We’ll fully admit that we are biased, seeing as how a homeowner trying to fix their own piping, HVAC, or general plumbing issues typically means our phone isn’t ringing. But, ultimately, that’s just a surface-level analysis. Sure, we might not get the phone call for a toilet replacement or the like right off the bat, but if more and more people start trying to use Youtube as their only guide for a complicated project, it can mean trouble. An easy-fix can turn into a somewhat costly one, as evidenced by the story above. Below you’ll find some plumber-provided wisdom regarding the DIYing complicated issues.

At Bears Family PHC, we’ve gotten our fair share of phone calls which have to do with a homeowner doing something perhaps a bit rash. Usually, the story goes something like a man or woman notices a water leak from a pipe that is buried. They’ll dig up their PVC pipe, and in their inexperience they’ll crack open the pipe. Sometimes it’s clean water that comes out (if you’ve struck an inflow pipe), but sometimes it’s a sewage pipe. Those cleanups are less fun for all parties involved, trust us.

A house flooded with fecal matter and the like is one thing, and it’s certainly not a pleasant one, but homeowners getting into dicey situations involving water and electricity go well beyond comfort and expense — it’s a serious safety issue. And while the last thing we want to be accused of is invoking scare tactics to earn business, we are simply telling it like it is. We at Bears Family PHC understand that there is a reason why professional plumbers exist, and that reason extends well beyond being able to perform mundane tasks that any handyman can handle.

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