We are Denver plumbers (and a Northern Colorado plumbing company, for that matter) that take pride in our same-day-service offering. When it is at all possible, we’ll do our best to get your issue solved as quickly as we can. While we can’t guarantee we’ll be out to your place on the same day that you called, we will do our very best to make your call a priority.

In case you were wondering, the reason we can’t guarantee same-day-service is because we perform every job, whether it’s a hot water heater installation, a bathroom renovation or just providing toilet repair, with care and precision. If we set up our plumbing company differently, we might be more concerned with rolling through as many clients as possible so that we could maximize our profits. But that’s no way to treat our community members here in Loveland, Fort Collins, Denver, and up and down the Northern Colorado Front Range.

We want to do right by our customers, and we also understand that each job takes however much time it takes in order to be done the right way. Some sewer line repair jobs might take longer than we expect and so we will need to adjust our schedule. We are in tune with the balance between quality and speed that is necessary to be successful in this industry. We feel that this balance we’ve reach has helped us become a mainstay among plumbers in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Denver. Making sure each job gets done right and on time is how we turn first-time customers into lifelong clients here at Bears Family Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling.


In our last post, we highlighted tankless hot water heaters along with their benefits and drawbacks. While traditional tank hot water heaters certainly are less efficient than the demand water heater alternative, the main drawback associated with instantaneous water heating systems has to do with water pressure. Give us a call and we can come out to your home to get a feel for what is possible in your home. We can determine what will save you the most money while still providing sufficient water pressure (which is very important to many-a-person’s psychological wellbeing).

In today’s post, we are going to shift gears a bit so we can discuss sewer line repair and replacement. As part of our comprehensive plumbing services, we offer a range of helpful water and drain line repair and replacement services. And perhaps best of all, all of our plumbing repair and maintenance work is backed 100 percent by a 90-day guarantee on our service repairs. If your repair in question makes it past 90 days, we know it’s a safe bet that it will last well beyond that initial time frame.

We digress about our general services, however. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about drain and water line repair!

Sewer Line Repair FAQ

Perhaps you have noticed water, particularly sewage water, backing up in your crawl space, in your basement, or somewhere around your foundation. The first thing you’ll notice is no doubt the vile odor, but there is more than one reason to get this problem solved by a local plumber – and to get it solved fast!

Why Must A Sewer Line Leak Be Fixed?

To most, this is a fairly obvious question, especially if you’ve ever smelled sewage in your life. But let’s cover our bases here. It can cause significant water damage and it is a serious threat to whoever is living in your home due to the fact that it is a biological hazard of sorts.

Luckily, there are signs you can look out for that will help you prevent this sort of disaster from occuring.

What Are Water Line Clog Signs?

There are three main signs to look out for: a gurgling noise from the toilet, slow-as-moss drains, and the odor of rotting food emanating from your kitchen drains.

  • A Gurgling Toilet – This happens when there is air trapped in the sewer lines as it moves up to escape through the toilet in your bathroom. If something like this is happening, the odds are high that there is something solid blocking the gas ventilation system. Consult your local Loveland plumbers at Bears Family PHC if this is happening in your home.
  • Drains That Don’t Flow So Smoothly – If someone dumps paint or grease down the drain, or even solids like hair, bunched paper towels or soap scum, this is a sign that a sewer line leak is on the way due to the buildup. The average repair price for a job like this is in the range of $170-$500, depending on the extent of the issue, of course.
  • This might be grease or food buildup. Professional plumbers are typically required if the situation is severe. We will usually use a power auger or an electric snake to solve this problem.

What Are The Signs Of A Broken Sewer Main?

There is a variety of signs to look out for when attempting to determine if your sewer line has a serious issue.

  • Abnormal Reactions Using Plumbing Fixtures – Let’s say you flush your toilet and suddenly water from your bathtub begins to form an unexpected pool. Another common example would be that your toilet water begins to bubble, as we’ve noted above.
  • More Than One Plumbing Fixture Is Clogged – Obviously, this happening points to a systemic issue.
  • Liquid-Drain Cleaners Are Proving To Be Ineffective – If you’ve gone to the store and picked out the fanciest bottle of liquid drain cleaner, only to find the solution to be not a solution at all, it might point to a broken sewer main, or at least, the warning signs thereof.  
  • Sewer lines flow from your home to the street so they reach the city’s sewer system. If you have a lawn, go out to your yard and try to listen for a gurgling noise while your tub is draining or a toilet gets flushed. Your neighbors won’t think you are weird, and if they do, you don’t need to be friends with them anyway! A more obvious sign is to see if you can find a path of grass that is unusually wet. Being damp from recent rain or snow doesn’t count, mind you.

What Causes A Clogged Sewer Line?

Now that we’ve addressed some of the warning signs to help you prevent a sewer line break prior to it flooding your basement, let’s look at some of the underlying causes. As is the case with sewer line clogs, there are numerous reasons a sewer line might break and need water line replacement or repair.

  • Tree Roots – In years past, older sewer lines were made of weaker, porous material like clay. The strength of these pipes can diminish over time, meaning tree roots can infiltrate the pipe. As the roots grow, the line will inevitably break.
  • Grease – You’ve heard your mother tell you twenty times, “don’t pour grease down the drain,” but she never told you why. So you ended up not heeding her advice and pouring way too much grease down your drain over the course of a few years. Well, the jig is up. How you wish you had taken her seriously and used a can or a jar to fill with grease! Running hot water might help the grease slink its way down the drain, but as soon as the grease cools it will harden and stick itself to your pipes. This can clog your drain. If the pressure builds up to reach a certain threshold…boom goes the dynamite.
  • Flushing Stuff Down The Toilet You Shouldn’t Be Flushing – If you are too liberal with the items you choose to send down your toilet, there might be an expensive headache in your future. Only waste and toilet paper should be going down there. (While everyone knows this, it’s surprising to see how many folks forego this kind of common sense.)

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