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When we are talking about Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Local plumbing & HVAC services provider, there’s a safe bet we at Bears Family Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling will be high on the list. Sure, but like we said, that’s when we are talking about who the best Loveland plumbers or the top local HVAC companies might be — it’s no secret we have a horse in the race, seeing as how we are plumbers and HVAC service professionals in the first place!

But just because we might be a pinch biased, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are wrong! Here us out: we don’t think you’ll find any Fort Collins, Loveland, or even Denver plumbing company that is as dedicated to affordably solving your problems like we are here at Bears Family PHC. And while we don’t mind listing off all the ways we can make your life better on our own, we’ll never turn down an opportunity to highlight what our customers are saying about us!

After all, there is a reason why online reviews matter so much; people who are in need of a service or product can find reviews from folks who were once in the exact same position they are in now — looking for a great blend of value and quality. That’s why we are taking the opportunity to showcase a few of our favorite reviews that we’ve recently received. We think it’s important for our prospective customers to know what kind of plumbing service they can expect when choosing Bears PHC.

Loveland Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Reviews

So without further ado, we hope you enjoy a few of the testimonials we’ve selected in today’s blog post!

“You Couldn’t Find A Better HVAC Company In The State”

“These folks bend over backwards to satisfy their customers. Shawn had come out to repair my AC unit. A few days later the system was acting up. The coils inside the house had iced over and were no longer cooling the house. I called into Bear Family and spoke with Dawn explaining what was going on with my AC system. Shawn returned within the allotted time frame, connected to the system and determined the fault. The fan malfunctioned which caused the icing over. Bear Family P, H & C didn’t charge for the service call, Shawn provided excellent service. Dawn and Kathy have been wonderful to speak with and I’m sure that Mike is very personable as well as professional.  You couldn’t find a better HVAC company in the state. They are highly recommended. Thanks folks, Larry” – Larry W., Google Reviews, Five Stars

Boy, talk about some free marketing! This is the kind of review that helps us wake up in the morning excited about the job we have! What we particularly love about this review written by Larry is that he breaks down every step of the process. Larry’s experience is a great example of how we do our best to be punctual and fair in our work. What’s more, we want to be a Loveland HVAC company that folks can know and trust! Thanks for your kind words and business, Larry!

“The Price Was Reasonable, And The Work Was Well Done”

“Called and had a plumber (Sean) come out the very same day. He did repairs and found mistakes under my sink previous plumbers left me suffering with for ages. It took him less than 2 hours, and that included going to get a part that was needed. The price was reasonable, and the work was well done. No more problems under my sink! Thanks!” – S. Geeshy, Google Reviews, Five Stars

Sean is pretty great, isn’t he? He’s able to quickly diagnose and fix issues, which saves everyone time, and, quite often, money in the process. In this case, the reviewer had experienced poor plumbing services from a past plumber, but that was no matter to Sean! We do our best to be thorough while working efficiently so that our customers can get back to leading their normal lives!

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“I Am So Thankful”

“I called Bears Family Plumbing at 4:45 on a Friday evening after we discovered a faucet was leaking outside and running into the house. The owner, Michael, was at my house within half an hour and literally had the problem fixed within a few minutes. I am so thankful they were willing and available to help before the leak ruined something or we had to keep the water to the house off all weekend waiting for normal business hours on a Monday!” – K. Ochs, Google Reviews, Five Stars

K., we are thankful that you are so thankful! No matter what time of day or what day in the week it is, we will do our absolute best to solve your problem — especially if it involves an emergency-type situation as this one did. In this case, our trusted leader and owner Michael was able to make his way out to the scene of the problem within 30 minutes! Not bad, Michael, even by your lofty standards! It’s these kinds of turnaround times that can keep the damage cost in the $100 range, rather than the $1,000 (or more) ballpark. We are happy to provide emergency plumbing services in Loveland, Fort Collins, Denver, and pretty much everywhere else up and down the Northern Colorado Front Range!

“Cost Was Perfect”

“I highly recommend Bears Family PHC.  I was in a bind and Chris and Keith showed up on time and did an assessment of my plumbing problem.  Had me up and running again in no time. The did a fantastic job, cost was perfect. I plan to use them for Heating and cooling as well.” – Chad G., Google Reviews, Five Stars

Chris and Keith are two highly skilled and experienced technicians — plus, they are great people to boot! Sometimes, the plumbing service is as straightforward as the charge for the service call. It’s a pleasure when things go smoothly, and our experience and skill here at Bears Family PHC tends to make that a reality more often than not! Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we are doing, Chad!

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Whether you are in need of HVAC repair or installation, plumbing services that involve a leaky faucet or a broken toilet, or you aren’t even sure what you need us for, give us a call if you need a local plumber worth their salt. As we hope the above reviews speak to, we care about our customers to the point where we go above and beyond expectations. Reach out to us today!